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Hotfixes for 12.x

Applied cube root method to associated products when calculating shipping rates ShippingSettings. Hid "product template" drop-down list if it has only one value on product details page in admin area. Dropped "Awarded order status" and "Canceled order status" fields in Reward points settings. Replaced "Gift card activation order status" and "Gift card deactivation order status" dropdownlists with appropriate checkboxes just two available scenarios in order settings. System names e. Anyway they will cause a runtime error.

Removed "Affiliate identifier" field on Affiliate details page. A warning on discount list page when "Ignore discounts" is displayed when the setting is enabled. Now a store owner cannot create a product attribute with "Associated to a Product" type without association. A setting to display MiniProfiler only to administrators is implemented. If set to "true", then require a customer to re-login. Topic system name is not required anymore. Removed "DiscountRequirement.

HadSpentAmount" and "DiscountRequirement. HasAllProducts" plugins from solution. Starting version 3. Removed "ID" column on the customer list page in admin area. PayPal Standard plugin now properly validates order total. Added support for Enter button to discount and gift card boxes on the shopping cart page. The activities are logged during import. Reduced size of some images for better performance.

Categories in top menu and category navigation block can use the same model and is cacheble. Hence loaded only once for better performance. Added registration date in the customer export. Admin area. Hid entered password on Customer and Email account pages. Added support for menu items to be open in a new window.

Admin area menu is allowed to have more than two levels. Added a setting 'commonsettings. The "shipment tracker" is not required to have an active shipping rate computation provider. All stored procedures should use "dbo" schema. Support "kendoMultiSelect" control when overriding settings per store is added.

Changed the way how plugin views are stored. It's much simpler. An additional CSS class for "image squares" attributes is created. Enabled TLS 1. Marked all methods as "virtual" in controllers. Pass entire newsletter entity to event. Using distributed locks with Redis for exclude TaskScheduler race condition.

Added "Delete" events for entities which are just marked as deleted Development. Refactoring of mapping rules AutoMapper was performed. Now we can have multiple mappers plugin developers can use it. Each mapper should implement IMapperConfiguration interface. Changed a DownloadActivationType enum value. Added more "orderby" to service methods. Sometimes DisplayOrder alone is not enough in some cases. Trim the start space if the first letter is uppercase CommonHelper. Add ProductReviewApprovedEvent on editing product review. Added "Customer logged out" event.

KendoUI grids. Return error message is present if access is denied in 'List' methods. Simplified unit tests Nop. A lot of other source code refactoring. Bugs Special chars are not encoded rich editor. Otherwise, database searches become impossible when words contain a character of this kind. IsoDateTimeConverter is used for properly formatting date in Kendo grids disabled by default.

PayPal Direct has a bug fixed with the wrong update of payment status with enabled fraud filter. Set payment status to 'Refunded' if the order total amount is fully refunded is fixed. Product export bug which failed when filters length was more than is fixed. Explicitly set content type for the "Page not found" page is working fine now. Proper consideration of secure connection on GetThisPageUrl method. Previously it could cause issues with services such as CloudFlare and non-English cultures. We should not include shipping total when calculating reward points to be granted.

Cumulative discounts with coupon codes. If you had several discounts with the same code, and one of them could not be applied for some reasons e. Because we validated only the first found discount. Now we do it for all found discounts. Fixed a bug in Fedex plugin for India intra-country shipping rates Google Analytics plugin.

Ensure that transactions are not duplicated when reloading an order completed page. Language tabs didn't work properly when language name had brackets. Schedule tasks threw an exception when period was more than 24 days. We added a note to the schedule task list page that period should not exceed 24 days.

Product details page bug fixed, when categories or any other entities with too long names could not be deleted. It could be done only on a category details page. An email which is sent to a vendor is not in the customer language. Fixed a bug when RedisCacheManager did not work properly when database used a number greater than 0. Vendors cannot see products of other vendors in PDF invoices. Vendors cannot see "Manage this page" link only for own products. Fixed "Terms of service" dialog size issue. Fixed BackorderMode property which was ignored during product import.

Added a setting to display SKU on catalog pages, not just product details page. The return requests for deleted items are displayed. USPS plugin throws no exception causing site error. Validation fixed for password protected pages with forms. Previously non-existing language codes could be specified in URLs by users. Fixed a bug with wrong pickup point marker position with coordinates. Fixed displaying of the manual order status change warning order details page in admin area The conditional checkout attributes that are not visible but are required should not be validated.

The prices are not rounded in Google Shopping plugin. Fixed a bug when custom customer attributes didn't validate "required" fields in the admin area. Customer details page admin area. We should not validate required form fields for guests. The cache is cleared automatically when editing product tags. The customer is not allowed to visit "checkout" page hide it and appropriate buttons if we have only "Button" payment methods e.

PayPal Express. The setting "Show product images on wishlist" is used instead of "Show product images on cart" Import products. We set "Visible individually" and "Published" to "true" by default if not specified. Order details page in admin area now has no empty panel was rendered when logged in as a vendor. Invalid mime type was saved in blob. Fixed recurring orders which didn't support "CustomValues" when value wasn't copied to a new order.

Deleted products are not ignored when importing Excel and looking for existing ones by SKU. Fixed a bug with wrong calculation of minimum price for products with tier prices in some cases maximum discount could be configured not for maximum quantity. Otherwise, some IDE could skip it when deploying. Login" activity type didn't work as expected. Fixed displaying of the 'Sent on' field value on the 'message queue item' page Database backups should are now ignored in Nivo Slider plugin.

Appropriate records are now deleted when a store owner deletes a tax category. Dashboard graphs reports bug when the data from the next months was included is fixed. Fixed bug when admin dashboard charts orders and new customers showed flat line since Disabled "Refund" full button when some partial refund has been already done. It was possible to reproduce if a store owner manually marked an order as paid after a partial refund.

Canada Post plugin. Fixed a bug related to zip postal code with space. Menu item "Measures" had wrong CSS class. Users in impersonation mode are not authenticated. Fixed wrong locale resource usage for "ACL" field on the topic details page in admin area. Fixed a bug with decryption of multiline text. Fixed situation when "GetCurrentIpAddress" method threw an exception when invoked by web service. Resolved the grey background issue for product details page on SEO tab admin area.

Set LastSuccessUtc property to the database value in the constructor. Without it, if the task threw an exception, the LastSuccessUtc column in the database will be overwritten with NULL since the property is never initialized. Fixed button alignment in the confirmation popup. Fixed account info page CSS issues. Fixed "download" editor template CSS issue. Highlight features and changes Absolutely new redesigned admin area responsive.

This way it'll much easier for new store owners to get started with nopCommerce. Usage of several discounts simultaneously cumulative discounts. Conditional checkout attributes. Added new product attribute type Image squares. It's very similar to "color squares" attribute type. But allows a store owner can upload pictures instead of choosing of colors. Attribute value images make it more clear to the customer what they are choosing.

Better "instore pickup" support. Allow a store owner to configure and a customer to choose pickup locations. Allow a store owner to configure custom RMA return request number. Improvements Export and import now supports product attributes Excel. Filtering by specification attributes now use "OR" condition. Catalog pages. Product reviews per store configurable.

Allow to upload site logo in admin area. Allow a store owner to create database backups in admin area. Now customers can see all written product reviews on my account page. Now a store owner see "Manage this page" link in public store for products, categories, manufacturers, vendors, topics, blog posts, news. Allow a store owner to filter reviews per product. Allow user to vote for posts.

Redesign of order details page public store. Advanced search. Allow search by vendor. Product bulk edit page. Allow to edit product name. Display a warning to a store owner in case if quantity has been changed during period when a store owner opened a product details page and clicked "save" button. Much faster caching removed locking. Performance optimization of product importing Excel. Product importing.

Now a store owner can skip most of product properties they are not required. Allow a store owner to specify whether a product is returnable or not. Support for plugin descriptions. Add paging support for reward point grids Setting to check to automatically update order totals on editing an order in admin area. Store "IP address" in activity log.

Do not allow administrators to be impersonated as other administrators. Import and export categories and manufacturers Excel. Allow a store owner to have only "in store pickup" option available no shipping carriers configured. Allow a store owner to specify send time to campaigns. Now we search in SKU and manufacturer part number by default previously it was done for advanced search only. Apply for vendor account.

Tunabelly Software Support FAQ

Allow applicants to enter description and upload logo Allow vendors to manage its information my account page. Allow a store owner to specify maximum number of products per vendor. Allow to force entering email twice during registration configurable. Add support for "Send in Reply to already sent PM private message should not be sent to yourself. Partial refund support for PayPal Direct. Estimate shipping uses AJAX now no full page reloading. Added more sample data. Allow to limit campaign recipients by customer role.

Allow a store owner to filter category and manufacturer lists by a store. Months and years should be sorted descending in the "Blog archive" block. Updated Australia post API to the latest version. Upgraded Canada Post to use web services. Added a setting to generate customer invoices in customer language "OrderSettings. Recipient wasn't displayed. Change the recipient link font. Add support for "Do not send before date" property to queued emails. Added activity log for topic page changes. Added activity log for "Delete order" and "Edit order" events.

Now all entered values are trimmed. Developers can mark properties to be excluded from trimming with [NoTrim] attribute. Removed "Authorize. Since version 3. PayPal standard plugin. Save warning about "failed order total validation error" in order notes. Moved localization locales to the language details page. Avoid duplication when entering page size values. Ability to require account creation for downloadable products. Message Tokens for social network pages are added.

Moved sitemap settings to UI. Sample data. Specify distinct SKU for each sample products. Google Analytics plugin. Allow a store owner to choose widget zone. Forums are now responsive. Display validation rules and formatted condition in "product attributes" grid. Ensured for valid email address if registered role is checked. Added setting for DeleteGuestTask. Interval was hard coded to Added textboxes to search settings and locales forget about funnel icons.

Ensure that only administrators can delete other admins. Ensure that only administrators can change passwords of other admins. Delete a lot of records as one SQL query. Significant performance optimization of Redis cache implementation. Group some buttons e. XSRF validation for password protected topics. XSS issue fixed for the registration result page.

Dynamically hide conditional products attributes in admin area add product to order, add attribute combination. Replaced "tagit" script with much faster "tageditor". Added a default "Standard" value to 'Email account' dropdown in nonstandard localization tabs of 'Message template details' page. Removed "Shipping methods" and "Shipping method restrictions" from admin menu. Now they are accessible from offline shipping provider configuration pages only. Firstclass Postcards and Letters should be hidden in some cases.

Updated country list. Added new widget zones to sitemap and forums pages. Applied a general error fix for the "Error during serialization" issues in admin area. Customer reward points. Renamed "Add points" to "Add reduce points". This way it's more clear for store owners that negative values are also supported. Do not use "fulltext" search for SKU when enabled. This way a new index will be created. Now we use exact match when searching in product tags.

Added Indonesian Bahasa language for installation page. Hints were missing for gift card fields when adding a product to an order in admin area. Moved back to browscap. Allow a store owner to add custom tags to the element. Grouped "measures" pages into single one. Consistency of all confirmation windows.

Page class on element Developers. Separated social links out into separate model and view to allow them to be shown in places other than just the footer. Previously we got it dynamically in the ProductTemplate. Updated thirdparty libraries to the latest version. Null validation fixed in CurrencyService Developers. Unknown and PaymentMethodType. Unknown enum values. Add support for "async" for javascript files. Replaced all invocations of HostingEnvironment. MapPath with CommonHelper. MapPath Developers. Pass more data to tax providers product, price. Added product type property to product models presentation layer.

Do not display javascript errors when we make some redirections before data loading is finished. Include nopCommerce version into language pack when exporting locales. Allow HTML for product attribute default value and file extensions textbox attribute type. We should not throw exceptions. More consistent source code. Fixed all compilation warnings. Bugs PayPal Standard and Direct. We should ensure that TLS 1. UPS shipping plugin. Store closed page should be disallowed in robots.

Fixed some RSS validation issues. PayPal plugins. We should validate order totals in IPN handler. Redis caching didn't work when you have bestsellers displayed on the home page disabled by default. We should save current tab when some entity is created the same as we do when we edit existing ones.

Product attribute page. Product details page. We should display "out of stock" message product details page when a selected attribute combination doesn't exist and "Allow only existing attribute combinations" option is enabled. Edit shopping cart item functionality did not preset correct picture associated to attribute values. The same issue was with preselected attribute values with associated pictures. Now we load associated pictures using AJAX the same way as it's done for dynamic pricing We should display "start date" as "created on" date for blog posts and news if specified.

We should also sort blog posts and news by "start date" if specified. Fixed an issue with carts that don't require shipping but "tax based on" setting is set to "shipping address". We should clear "shipping address" when shipping is not required. Properly process conditional product attributes when using "Generate all combinations" functionality. Do not throw exception Entity Framework when a store owner entered too long values into fields maximum length validation. Sometimes we cannot use newly created database "Create new database" option. Do not throw exception when we don't have any shipping plugins configured.

Product tags count is now properly calculated in multistore environment in SQL Compact. UIHint["Download"] could not be used inside plugins. VAT status and note weren't displayed on the customer info and registration pages Image resize rounding issue fixed white line visible sometimes.

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Fixed styling issue on confirm order page onepage checkout. Forum styling issue fixed. The Affiliate Edit page had an error with its validation system. If the user leaved one of the input fields empty, it thrown an error. Microdata for Price. You could receive a warning in cultures other "enUS". Highlight features and changes Full support for web farms and Windows Azure multiple instances. Conditional product attributes. ACL access control list for topics. Allow users to apply for vendor account in public store. Allow a store owner to add notes to "Vendor" record.

For example, this functionality can be used to record vendor payouts so that you always have you bookkeeping organized. Added a setting indicating customers should see "discontinued" message when visiting details pages of unpublished products. For example, "Sorry - this product is no longer available" or "We're sorry but this product has been discontinued. Improvements Allow a store owner to apply discounts to a category including subcategories. Please have a look at the new "Apply to subcategories" property.

This way he should not go into hundreds of categories and apply the discount to each one. Now a store owner can mark products as "New". This way we can manage list of products displayed on the "New products" page. Prevent XSRF attacks in public store and all the rest methods in admin area. Return request reasons and actions are now localizable. A new catalog setting to view unpublished products enabled by default. This way SEO won't be affected by search crawlers when a product is temporary unpublished. NET plugin. Updated URLs according to the latest changes Akamai. It should be done by all store owners till June Now customers can see a user-friendly message why entered discount coupon code cannot be applied.

For example, "Sorry, this offer is expired". Allow to search orders by customer last name billing address. Reward points. New setting indicating whether to accumulate all reward points in one balance for all stores so they can be used in any store. Otherwise, each store has its own rewards points and they can only be used in that store. Allow a store owner to specify "Minimum Age" setting available when "Date of Birth" field is enabled. Support "Display stock availability" and "Display stock quantity" product properties with "Manage inventory method" set to "Track inventory by product attributes".

Added a refund message template sent to a store owner. More user-friendly terms. Renamed "Grouped product" product type to "Grouped product with variants ". The same is about the appropriate product template. Renamed "Associated products" tab to "Associated products variants ". We could remove "Grouped" or "Associated" terms at all. But let's keep it for consistency because a lot of existing store owners already used to them.

Logo support for vendors. Allow a store owner to customize robots. Now it could be done in one of the following ways. Create and add robots. In this case we'll use it instead of the default one generated by the system "RobotsTextFile" method of "CommonController". Or you can add robots. Its content will be appended to the generated robots. Allow a store owner to specify default language per store. Allow a store owner to manage newsletter subscription on the customer details page. Added a setting indicating whether "Minimum order sub-total amount" should be calculated including or excluding tax.

Add a setting 'catalogsettings. Added 'storeinformationsettings. Allow a store owner to view back in stock subscriptions per customer in admin area. Now you can open web. We should save checkout attributes when clicking "Update cart" button on the shopping cart page. Bundling and minification now can be used in web farms on Windows Azure. Dropped 'catalogsettings.

Added a new one instead of it - 'catalogsettings. Added "required" hint to several pages contact us, contact vendor, email a friend, new product review. Newsletter radio buttons were broken in IE on mobile resolutions. Checkout attributes with "color squares" type were not properly displayed. Allow a store owner to filter bestsellers by store. Now we preset price when adding a product to an existing order in admin area.

Bestsellers report. Allow a store owner to filter by vendors. Allow a store owner to override gift card amount. If not specified, then product price will be used default behavior. Allow a store owner to choose what customer roles can access a closed store moved to ACL permissions.

Previously we could grant such access to administrators only. Allow a store owner to delete selected product reviews. Bulk deletion of blog and news comments. We should ensure that start date should be the future date for rental products. We should not popup EU cookie law message after logout. Otherwise, the user will have to click it again. And thus next visitor will not click it. So violation for that cookie law. Vendor details page admin area. Associated customer emails should link to appropriate customer details pages. Display a warning to a customer when items from wishlist could not be moved to the shopping cart.

Added warehouses, vendors, affiliates, news and blog comments to sample data Return request list page admin area. Added "Created on" column. Order list page admin area. Search by order number and press enter support. Australia Post. Added a setting to hide delivery information. Added validation to "Edit return request" page. Blog posts. When clicking "Comments" link we should redirect a customer to to the comments section. Also added comments achor element to the "News" details page. Eliminate credit card type dropdown. Anyway we don't use it.

Significant performance optimization of caching implementation for high-loaded sites. We should not use "lock" in CachingExtensions "get" method. We should not load ALL reward point records to find the current balance load only the last one. There's no need to load specification attributes when creating a new product. Performance optimization of discounts applied to categories and manufacturers caching. Renamed "Edit" link to "View". Included "id" as sorting for specification attributes.

Added "Manage plugins" permissions to "Third-party plugins" menu in admin area. Added "Owin" libraries to Nop. Web project. This way third-party developers can use it. Added "Description" property to "CategoryModel. SubCategoryModel " class. Product details page admin area was slow when we had thousands of specification attributes. Now we cache them Performance optimization. Performance optimization of "ProductLoadAllPaged" stored procedure when filtering by specification attributes.

Cache filterable spefication attributes on category pages. Cache discount requirements. There's no need to load them for each HTTP request for each discount. Cache list of available return request actions and reasons. Performance optimization of "ValidateDiscount" method when we really have gift carts in the cart. Updated third-party libraries to the latest version.

Localized some hard-coded locales in admin area grids. Refactoring of "Update currency exchange rates" task. Previously update period could not be set less than one hour. We should round prices using "RoundingHelper. RoundPrice" method that supports rounding based on a currency. Povide name of plugin with exception message. Some plugins share the same dependencies and the current exception information doesn't include which plugin failed to load within the PluginManager. Including the plugin name with the exception message would cut down on troubleshooting time a lot. Mvc" version specified.

Minor change to RegisterDependencies method of NopEngine. Refactoring of "StoreClosedAttribute". Now developers can specify certain methods whic should be ignored by using overridden contructor. ProductPriceModel for easier designing price display in ProductBox.

Python Tutorial for Beginners [Full Course] 2019

ProductPriceModel" class. Let's use "PriceValue". Do not hardcode "EuCookieLaw. Accepted" customer attribute key. It should be stored in SystemCustomerAttributeNames class. Now develoeprs can make a certain action method accessible without customization of this class. Removed "IsCustomerGuest" property from some forum models. This way developers can customize it e. We should have separate locales for "Search" link and button.

Added "area" parameter to "Html. Widget " extension method. Refactoring of admin area pages with tabs. Bugs Moneyconverter services discontinued its services. All exchange rates were set to 1 if you have it configured for autoupdate. We replaced it with a new plugin - ECB. Redeemed reward points were not restored when the order is canceled or deleted.

Facebook authentication plugin. Email wasn't returned when using the latest version of Facebook API. Fixed an issue with picture duplications when importing products. We used invalid Schema for product aggregate rating hen there were no any ratings. We should update stock levels when editing order details in admin area.

Fixed an issue with "File upload" checkout attribute. When the customer uploaded a file then proceeded through checkout but didn't finish and went back to the shopping cart, the "uploaded file" was no longer there. The same issue was with editing of existing shopping cart item with "File upload" product attributes. We should sort countries by localized names when they have the same display order. We should sort states by localized names when they have the same display order. Custom address attributes were not re filled when form validation gone wrong.

CustomerNotification" message template was accidently removed in version 3. We should delete previously used "Downloads" or "Sample Downloads" when uploading a new ones for a product. Display order of topics was ignored in multi-store environment. Shipments could not be deleted in some cases. Australia Post plugin could not return shipping methods for some countries.

We should validate whether a country is published when choosing an existing address during checkout. Pasted discount or gift card codes with surrounding whitespace didn't work. Locale resource typo fixed. The title of the modal window for importing products says "Import from CSV" while in reality it will only accept Excel files. Abbreviation for "Yukon" Canada should be "YT".

We validated wrong permission when changing password of email accounts. Highlight features and changes New clean default theme. The theme features a clean, modern look and a great responsive design. The HTML have been refactored, which will make the theme easier to work with and customize. Important note — IE6 and IE7 are not supported anymore.

Predefined default product attribute values. They are helpful for a store owner when creating new products. So when you add the attribute to a product, you don't have to create the same values again. Base price PAngV support added. Security and performance enhancements. Improvements Security. Prevent XSRF attack for all admin area pages. Several note for developers - Now each admin area page should has Html. AntiForgeryToken line. You can also use "AdminAntiForgery true " attribute if you want to skip such validation for some action for some reasons. Added support for honeypot technique disabled by default.

Display profit on order details page admin area. Allow store owner to change alt and title for product images. Allow a store owner to add topics to the footer. Allow a store owner to manage display order of topics added to the top menu or footer columns.

Important Information

Product attribute combinations now support non-combinable attributes textbox, date picker, file upload. When generating manually or automatically combinations, only the combinable attributes are presented. When you have a product with several attributes it may well be that some are combinable, whose combination may form a new SKU with its own inventory, and some non-combinable are more used to add accessories.

Example a shirt might have as combinable attributes sleeve size, neck size, color and material and can have other non-combinable such as initials embroidered text. Display all categories on small devices no matter of the "Include in top menu" property. Otherwise, it's not possible to navigate the whole store catalogue on small devices if we don't include all the categories in the top menu. Added a refund message template sent to a customer. Added a setting indicating whether customers should be notified when shipping from multiple locations.

Allow plugin developers to add new menu items to any existing node previously they could add new menu items only to "Plugin" node. Now each sitemap node has "SystemName" property which can be used to find an appropriate standard menu item and edit it add childs, etc. IAdminMenuPlugin interface. Allow a store owner to filter newsletter subscribers by customer role. Better payout reporting for affiliate supports. Allow a store owner to filter affiliates only with some orders placed during specified period. Allow a store owner to search orders on the affiliate details page.

Paging support for the active discussions page. Allow a store owner to decide whether a topic page should be accessible when a store is closed. Now a store owner can specify a friendly name which will be used to generate affiliate URL. It's more friendly for marketing purposes. You can leave it empty to use the old way affiliate identifier. Allow a store owner to de-affiliate clear its AffiliateId a customer from the backend. Allow a store owner to search affiliates by first and last name.

Product list page. Allow a store owner to search "published only" or "unpublished only" products. Allow a store owner to search discounts by coupon code and discount type. Filtering support for "export all " buttons, PDF catalog and packaging slips generation. Added a setting indicating whether newsletter box should have an option to unsubscribe. It's the requirement for stores in some countries e. Make "contact us" page accessible when a store is closed. Allow a store owner to specify maximum discount amount when discount percentage is used.

Allow customers to contact vendors. Allow a store owner to test message templates without creating fake orders, etc. Added [img] tag support for the editor. Highlight rows on mouse hover in admin area grids. Allow a store owner to search orders by notes. Allow a store owner to search orders by country. Allow a store owner to specify number of valid days for password recovery email. Display a user-friendly message to a customer when a password recovery email contains wrong token.

A store owner should stay on the current page when clicking "clear cache" or "restart application" buttons. Allow a store owner to add products and categories to discounts on the discount details page. Allow a store owner to filter newsletter subscribers by "active" or "not active". The automatic backup utilility can then capture that backup folder. The automatic backup facility may perform both real-time and scheduled backups. Simultaneous data import from multiple workstation:. The obvious solution is to either do all of the imports from one workstation or communicate between operators to make sure that only one such import is being performed at a time.

That is, while one workstation on a network encounters the problem, other users may continue processing. Or the program may be closed, reopened, and used successfully for some time before the error is again encountered. This can be tested by turning off the antivirus program temporarily and running the payroll program. Note that frequently the exclusion uses the UNC format. When the database is on a LOCAL drive usually the C: drive the usual cause for this error is an automatic backup facility which backs up data while you work.

One example of this is Carbonite which backs up your data to the cloud the internet. Another is a Terrabyte USB disk drive which comes with automatic backup software - which you may not even know you turned on. If turning off the backup facility eliminates the interference with the payroll program, then there are two possible solutions.

The automatic backup facility can be turned off while using the payroll program. Or you can configure it to exclude the database folder e. PRDB , making sure that you have turned on the automatic backup feature in the payroll system.

Then, when you close the payroll program, the automatic backup facility will make a backup of the payroll system backup folder. Opportunistic locking makes changes to that sequence based on the theory that a modify to a file might very well be followed by another modify to that file, so after the write do not hurry to unlock - maybe the program will ask for a lock again and it is quicker if the file is already still locked. We have requested that techs at problem sites turn off opportunistic locking on both server and workstations.

Generally it has not helped. Suddenly, after an update to the operating system on the server, error s are encountered. We can only leave this to the local technician to determine which change caused the problem. Database on network drive: intermittent error problem getting more frequent. Copied the database to a different computer - a workstation - and set up a share.

Other workstations can access the database fine on that computer. Something in the server is causing delay or malfunction in accessing the database. Database on network drive: intermittent error Problem maybe caused by network delays due to a bad NIC on one workstation. There may be multiple workstations running the payroll system and accessing the database. Some may be accessing it in a read-only manner. And some in update mode. Multiple workstations might be updating the database file at the same time.

The payroll program prevents more than one workstation accessing the data for one client. There are, however, other locking mechanisms to prevent one workstation from accessing data being changed by another workstation. Part of the operating system places locks in the file to prevent access to parts of the file which are being modified. If the operating system cannot place such a lock in a timely manner then it raises the flag for this error situation. There are two apparent causes for this problem: first is security, second is resource overload. Each user logon must have modify or change permission on the security tab for the database folder.

And if the database is being accessed across a network each user must have modify or change permission on the sharing tab of the share point being used on the server. If any user without the appropriate permissions attempts to access the database, then error is a likely result. In a normal operation with healthy hardware access to the database is fast. However, if there is other software on the system which finds need to access the large database file, then access to that file by the payroll system can be slowed down to the point where the operating system declares a timeout and therefore an access failure.

The most frequent cause of contention of this type is the auto-protect operation of anti-virus software. Reading of files which are being accessed by an application is what they do. And this reading can delay the access of the payroll program to that data — sufficiently long as to cause the operating system to declare the file not available.

Recently, another class of software has been found to cause this problem. That is automatic backup software, which watches while you work and makes an immediate copy to a backup location any time you change a file. It is easy to see how the anti-virus or the automatic backup can cause overload on a network resource. It is harder to imagine such a problem on a local environment where program and data are on a single workstation.

But it does happen. When the contention is coming from anti-virus software, we advise configuring that software to not do realtime protection on the database folder. Note that there is no need to change the periodic full system scan — which is usually done in off hours anyway. It is only the real-rime monitoring which is a problem. When the contention is with automatic backup software, there are two steps to take. First is to make sure that the payroll program automatic backup on exit is properly configured and working. Second is to configure the conflicting automatic backup software to ignore the payroll system DB folder.

It can still automatically back up the payroll system backup folder when the program is closed. Error indicates that the Payroll System database is effectively read-only. Error indicates that the payroll system database is "effectively read-only. The solution involves two steps: 1. Copy the folder from the CD to a temporary location on the hard drive. Note that the read-only attribute is present on the copy. Remove the read-only attribute. See "Removing the read-only attribute, below.

Removing the read-only attribute In Windows XP or later, use Windows Explorer to locate the folder copied to the hard drive: 1. Right click on the folder. Left click on "Properties. Clear the checkbox next to "Read-only" in the lower left corner. Click "Apply. Select "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files. In Windows 98, removing the read-only attribute from all of the files is a little more complicated: 1. Right click on the folder on the hard drive.

Left click on "Find. Click on "Find Now" to find all the files in the folder. Press Ctrl-A on the keyboard to select all of the files. Right click on any file. Make sure all of the files stay selected. Clear the "Read-only" check box. Close "Properties. Close "Find. Close Explorer. Keywords: rte, error , read only, restore Q: Error The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data. The meaning of the message is that the program is trying to open the Access database in Modify mode and it cannot do so because the file or containing folder is read-only.

It will get the Read-Only attribute while on that medium, and the attribute will stay when the item is copied from the CD to a hard drive. See the special topic - Error Messages - Error when restoring payroll data - for directions on getting past this problem. The most common encounters with error are in a network environment.

This is the situation when the operator is at one workstation, and the data resides on a different machine. See the topic - Detailed Instructions and Procedures - Your Network Data is Read-Only for a tutorial on setting up the computer where the data resides and the workstation which needs access. In a single user environment, the database is on the computer where the program resides.

The default location for the data is in the database folder inside of the program folder. And read-write access is normally available in that situation. It is possible that the database folder might be placed on a different hard drive. Note that sometimes the root of a drive has restricted access.

That is, the root of the drive is read-only. If folders are created on the drive, it is sometimes necessary to create the folder as an administrator, and then set security so that the operator users have modify access. There are some installations where a single computer has multiple users. It could be something like business owner and other workers. On Windows XP and earlier, such was a possible choice.

The CFS programs need write access to the program folder during normal operation. And one of the provisions of Windows 7 and Vista is that the Program Files folder is only accessible to program installers operated by an administrator. Application programs are not allowed to scribble in that area. Note that data stored in that region is not available to any other users on the computer.

So if John installs the program and brings it up with data under My Documents, then when Jane logs on to this computer and expects to use the program that data will not be available. Incorrect format of the date fields has caused this problem. The resolution in that case is to go to Control Panel — Regional Settings. Change the date format and field separators back to standard. This error occurs when you are copying data from one computer to another by doing a backup on one and restoring on the other. The program on the computer where you made the backup is a later version than the program on the computer where you are attempting the restore.

The error is caused because the data fields do not match. The solution is to update the restore computer to the latest software version before restoring the data. The error may also occur during recovery from a disk disaster, when the program has been installed on a new machine, and you are trying to restore from a backup made before the disaster struck. Again, the program must be updated to the latest version before restoring the data. Data for the Payroll System is maintained in a Microsoft Access database.

If the error occurs on a workstation where Payroll System has been installed for some time, the uninstall of some other program has probably removed a component of the Jet Engine. If the error occurs on a new workstation, there were probably error messages during the installation indicating that some components were not installed.

Note that to uninstall and install you must be logged on to the workstation with administrator privileges. There are a number of different situations in which this error may be encountered. One incidence of error is an indication that there is a problem with fonts. Following basic windows screen fonts are not found. MS Sans Serif. Small Fonts. In Windows XP the usual solution for this problem is as follows:.

How to remove registry entries for uninstalled software

Open the Control Panel. Open the Fonts folder. Click OK. Reboot computer. Because these fonts come with Windows it is usually not necessary to install them. Another source is any other Windows computer. TTF is another standard Windows font, the absence of which may cause error when attempting to fill in a form. Check the Fonts folder in the Control Panel and make sure the Arial. TTF font is present. While in the Font Folder, tap the Alt key to show the menu bar.

Error may also be caused by the accidental selection of an incorrect printer: for example, when attempting to print labels with a photo printer. Error indicates that data presented to the program is inconsistent. It is looking for a nonexistent item in a list of items. There are many reference files in the program folder which contain arrays. Imagine, for example, a file which contains two columns: first column contains the two letter postal abbreviations for states, and the second column contains the full names of the corresponding states.

That is an array. There are several circumstances under which error can be encountered. Descriptions follow with indication of corrective action. When these errors occur at program start, it means that one part of the program was busy trying to communicate with TaxTools. Com to determine whether an update is available while you were trying to use another part of the program to open a document or form. And due to either hardware or software cause the access to that site is being blocked. You may already know that your internet access is temporarily down. Or your firewall program might have been configured to deny access to the internet for this program.

A CSV file represents an array of multiple columns and multiple lines. There have been two known ways to encounter this error during the import function. One way is to have one or more rows of nothing after the last valid row in the file. In other words, when preparing to generate a CSV file from an Excel spreadsheet, delete all rows past the last significant row.

Another error during CSV import occurred because there were not yet any clients in the client folder. To import payroll payees and dollars the first step is to select the client. There are two types of problems which can result in this error. If only one client is encountering the problem then there is probably a damaged file in the database folder for this client. Generally it would be a good idea to call CFS for technical support for that kind of issue. In the past, this error has been caused by conflict with other software. The problem is that the version of that program module is later than the version which works with CFS software.

We found version 7. What we use is version 7. Then reinstall the CFS program. EXE in that folder. The above error message indicates that at least one of these sub-programs is missing or its Windows registry information is incorrect. The sub-programs are installed and registered by the program installation.

If this is a network installation with the program installed on the server, or a single user installation and the program is for year or later, the following procedure will likely solve the problem. Note that you must be an administrator on the workstation to perform this procedure. EXE file. This problem is not related to your CFS license code. It is an indication that some program maintenance has been performed which has caused a problem in the Windows registry for one of the components of the CFS program.

If you have any CFS programs from years to current installed on this computer, you can use the following procedure:. Use the properties of the program shortcut to find the program folder:. Right click on the program icon. Follow the prompts to reinstall the program. This should fix the problem. For CFS programs from and earlier, use the following procedure:. This brings up the one line RUN box. This brings up the black DOS box. If the operating system is 64 bit Windows 7, then type into the DOS box:. Try again. OCX or the file has been deleted from your computer.

If the failure is for any other reason, uninstall the program and re-install it. Although the computer may have more than a gigabyte of real space, the amount of memory allocated by the operating system for graphics processing is a fixed amount. The solution for this problem is to reboot the computer. One change you can make in CFS programs to reduce the virtual screen load, and therefore avoid this error, is to turn off the Help Panel feature.

In the upper right corner, remove the check next to "Help Panel. The program will no longer display the yellow help panel at the bottom of the screen, and will therefore be less likely to crash with Error Help information will still be available in any field by pressing the F2 key. Error 5 at program start is most often caused by bad configuration information. Usually it is the result of a change in disk drive layout.

For example, in the network version of the program, the configuration can be pointing at a disk drive which is no longer mapped. The usual network configuration is to have the program installed on a mapped network drive and the database in that same area. But if the program is installed in one place and the data is in a completely different area, then this problem can occur.

Then when you start the program it will default the database location to the same area as the program folder, allowing you to add a user name and then go to configuration to show the program where the data really is. But the program may come up with an empty database. The user can then go into configuration and change the path to the appropriate new location for the data. With Vista as the operating system, there is frequently an encounter with error 5 when an automatic update is attempted. The update file is downloaded across the internet. Then the error 5 occurs when the program tries to pass control to the update file.

The program executed by the shortcut is XX20nnST. That program does its work and then calls the program XX20nn. The operation terminates with error code 5. That may need a call to Webroot to find out how. There is a temporary bypass: change the shortcut so that it points at the real program instead of the starter. In other words, open properties of the icon on the desktop and remove the ST from the target line — making it XX20nn.

Error 5 occurs during import from Quickbooks with certain data errors — like invalid or missing employee address, or missing SSN. Error 5 can sometimes mean that a routine call included a date in an incorrect format. Error 5 was the result of trying to print labels when there was no default printer on the computer. At program start is frequently the result of a network configuration problem. Examples are use of UNC pathing and sharing the wrong folder.

Also, on network or local installation, installing multiple programs into a single folder may result in this error. Error 52 is often caused by the use of a UNC path instead of a mapped drive letter. Paths are stored and manipulated by the program, and the program is designed to use mapped drives. Using UNC paths will sometimes lead to unexpected results.

Sharing the wrong folder in a peer-to-peer environment may also result in error Selecting a lower folder to share, such as the TT folder, will result in error Note: sharing the entire drive is not recommended. When installing CFS programs, it is best to use the default destination. To resolve the conflict:. Click Add. Browse to the CFS program e. There should now be a large red X in front of the program entry.

Click Apply, then OK. The CFS program should now work. When entering dollar figures into the payroll grid, the program accesses tax rate reference files. Delete the folder for the year that has the problem. The folder will be re-created the next time it is needed. If the error 52 is being caused by a bad or missing rate file, this will fix the problem. If the error 52 still occurs, then the problem might be another reference file. If error 52 occurs with only one client, it is probably due to corruption of the database.

If you suspect that the database has become corrupted, it is best to call CFS Technical Support for assistance in rebuilding the database. Error 6 — overflow — indicates that the program has done a calculation and the result is too large to be useful. An example would be when you expect an answer to be between 0 and and the answer comes out to There are a number of different ways to encounter this problem.

So the solution depends upon what the program was doing when the problem was encountered. The first question is whether the problem is bad data, program problem, or computer configuration problem. There was an operation you performed which was stopped by the error 6 encounter. Try that same operation on a different client or two or three. If the problem is encountered on each, then it could be a program problem or a computer problem.

If the problem affects that program also, then there is apparently a problem in the computer configuration. If this is the case, then reboot the computer to see whether that will fix the problem. If the problem appears to be a computer configuration problem there are a couple of adjustments which might be appropriate or helpful. In the program go up to the menu bar and select configuration. The probable fix for that is to uninstall the program and then install the program again.

If the failure seems to be on one client but not on other clients, then there may be some error in the client data or some data to which the program is sensitive. If, for some reason, you are using an old version of a CFS program earlier than then there was sometimes a problem where an address was processed by a module that should not have been called. That problem should not exist in current programs, but it is mentioned here just in case it happens again. Right click on the desktop in any open space and left click on properties. Select something different from the current setting.

Again, right click in an open space on the desktop and left click on Properties. Apply or OK your way out of the properties. This time, when the system asks about restarting the machine click YES to initiate the restart. If the checkbox in the Configuration dialog is set to "Check for web updates when program starts," the program will attempt to contact taxtools. When this happens, a conflict with a component of the online service CompuServe causes the error.

DLL on the C: drive of the computer. DLX to eliminate the conflict. If you are a current user of CompuServe, you can rename the file temporarily, open the CFS program, clear the "Check for web updates" checkbox on the Configuration screen, and save the configuration. Note that you will not be able to use the "Check for web updates when program starts" feature or the "Update from the Web" option on the Internet Options menu. You must download and install program updates manually.

The most common problem is that the logged on user does not have the right to modify files in the designated folder. There are, however, a number of other configuration characteristics which can cause this problem. One example is an invalid path or non-existent path. Another is conflict or competition with other software. Below is a list of symptoms and configuration choices. It is effectively a table of contents for the following paragraphs which describe those situations.

Read through the list to see whether one or more of the descriptions is applicable. Error 75 information is divided into three FAQ articles due to space restrictions. Network installation, new or changed configuration. Program works for one person but error 75 for another. The Network version of CFS programs allows the data to be stored in a shared location like a folder on a server. Access to this folder should be through use of a mapped drive letter. That folder has properties of security, and sharing permissions. If the error 75 is being encountered while you are trying to implement a new server, then there may be something remaining to be done on making the shared folder available to users at workstations.

If the server operating system is Server or Server then the Properties dialog for the folder will have tabs for security and sharing. On Windows XP there may or may not be such tabs. Or there may be a Sharing tab with a permissions button. Using that permissions button, give Everyone a check in the box for Allow Change. The default configuration for CFS programs has the database folder within the program folder.

If this is the case, and the drive letter previously assigned to the old server is no longer available, then sometimes the attempt to reach the old drive letter can result in error Try adding a new user on program startup, which user will get a default database path. Then in the program you can go to Configuration to develop the path to the new database location. Beginning in , CFS programs place a footprint on the workstation.

At the bottom of the list, remove the check from Simple File Sharing. The cause of this problem is that either a folder security setting is bad or a network share point permission setting is bad - depending on the general configuration. And the program works ok while administrator is logged on. But when the normal user logs on to the machine, the CFS program fails with error On the server, there is a folder which is shared - the folder to which the workstation drive is mapped. However, the database might not be in the vicinity of the program.

For example, in some network environments, the CFSLIB for the program is on one server, and the data is kept on a different server. The security and sharing permissions on the shared folder containing the database must allow modify for all users of the program. If error 75 is encountered while attempting to restore or import from a diskette, it could mean that there is a bad drive, a bad diskette, or the protection switch is set on the medium.

Create a temporary folder on the hard drive and try to copy the contents of the diskette to that folder. If the copy is successful, then bring up the properties on the temporary folder and make sure read-only is cleared. The procedure to attempt is: create a temporary folder on the hard drive and try to copy the contents of the CD or DVD to that folder. In some environments, there could be multiple programs installed which could be different programs or different years of the same program.

And a single user might be able to use some of these programs, but encounter error 75 on others. Another problem that sometimes happens is that a setting might not propagate properly. So if there is a failure on one program but others work, try clearing the ReadOnly flag in properties of the folder for the failing program. If that does not correct the situation, then bring up properties on the folder for the failing program and make sure the settings for Security include Allow Modify for the applicable user or group.

If there is a line close to the bottom which says Simple File Sharing, remove the check from that box. Then look for a Security tab on folder properties. There have been numerous occurrences of conflict between these malware defensive tools and especially the payroll program. Errors caused are codes 75, , , Some programs cannot operate with the kind of contention those tools cause.

Again, it is necessary to exclude the database folders from those operations. If the CFS program is set to automatically back up the database on exit, then the resulting backup folder can be included under the protection of the automatic backup facility. So really no protection is lost by excluding the primary database. Another way around the problem is to pause the automatic backup procedure while payroll data entry is in progress.

When you resume the backup software it will catch up with changes made while it was paused. Sometimes after some kind of system recovery has been performed, or during installation processes, some of the files or folders under CFSLIB may be set to read-only status. If changing the security settings for the folder has not cured the error 75 problem, then bring up the properties dialog for CFSLIB and use it to clear the Read Only and Hidden settings using the following steps. Note - if you have many years of CFS this might take a few minutes.

Click in the Read Only box until it contains a black check mark. Do the same for the Hidden check box. Then click the apply button. Select the option to do this for all files and folders. When the operation completes, click in each of those boxes to clear it. Then click the Apply button and select the all files and folders option.

If you then close the properties and open properties again, you will probably find that Read-Only is shaded. This means that there are some objects in the folder which are Read Only. So a shaded Read Only box is not an indication of trouble. When these errors occur very soon after starting the program, the problem may be with internet access. Open Configuration Options and look for a check in the upper left corner - "Check for web updates when program starts.

The immediate fix is to remove that check from configuration. The longer range solution is to tune the hardware or software firewall so that the CFS program can again reach the internet. These fonts are called "Screen Fonts". They are used for displaying information on the screen. Their graphical representation is different from the TrueType fonts used for most other character display functions in the system.

These fonts have always been a standard part of Windows. However, Microsoft has a bias toward TrueType fonts. Usually, fixing this problem on Windows XP is easy: 1. Select double-click Fonts. Fonts is a folder. At the top is the menu bar. Click on Tools, then Folder Options. In Folder Options, select the "Truetype" tab. Remove the check from the box labeled "Use Truetype Fonts Only. Click Apply or Close. Reboot the computer.

More rarely, the problem is that the fonts have been deleted from the system. To fix this problem: 1. If the installer starts, cancel and exit setup. Click on "File" and then on "Install new fonts. Use the dialog box to first select the CD drive, then navigate to the Fonts folder.

Holding down the control key while you click the mouse button, select the fonts you wish to install. Then click the Install button. You should now be able to open the CFS program. However, if you still receive the missing fonts message, reboot the computer. Keywords: small fonts, sans serife, rte Q: Items "Not Saved" When exiting a program causes a string of messages listing items that are "not saved," it means that the user has Read-Only access to a file that needs to be written to.

This problem may also occur on a single Windows XP machine with multiple users. One user has full access to the program folder, but it appears as "Read-Only" to all other users. In this case, the user with full access must bring up the Properties for the CFSLIB folder and set permissions so that the appropriate users have "Modify" permission. There are several situations which can cause this behavior: missing modules, partially installed programs, poorly designed programs.

For example, Microsoft Office sometimes requests additional installation when our program is executed. If multiple logons are used on the computer, it requests a CD for each user. Dell computers sometimes have partially-installed software for which installation is triggered by execution of a CFS program. Doing this once for each Windows logon solves the problem. For programs that you do not wish to use, open the Control Panel and go through the "Add-Remove Programs" list to find the offending program and remove it.

Most of our users have no need for this software. Another possible solution is to check the offending program's web site for updates. Sometimes this problem has been recognized and corrected by the vendor in a later version of the program. Sometimes, when you attempt to uninstall the identified program, the uninstall procedure fails, indicating the need for a CD or some other program source. In this case it may be necessary to request help from the vendor of such a program.

Event numnbers and contain detailed information on the error encountered by MSI Microsoft Installer. This information may be significant when calling the vendor. Please refer to the article Error No valid source could be found for If you have accomplished automatic update or update from the web on another computer with Internet access, you have already downloaded the update file.

Locate the file on the computer that has received the update. For a TaxTools update, the file name will be something like "ttupd If you haven't updated the program on another computer, you will need to download the file to a computer with Internet access. This could be your computer at home, a friend's computer, or even a computer at Kinko's. Follow the instructions under " Manual download of program update " in the section "Detailed Instructions and Procedures.

Generally the update file will be too large to put on a single diskette. If both computers are on a network, you should be able to access the file across the network. Otherwise, copy the update file onto a portable medium in order to transfer it to the computer requiring the update. You can use a USB memory device e. Or, if the downloading machine has a CD writer, the update file can be copied to a CD, and the CD can be carried to the computer to be updated. If the only medium available to both computers is a diskette drive, you may be able to use a "file splitter"—a utility that will split a single large file into parts that will fit onto multiple diskettes.

You should be able to find an inexpensive or free file-splitting utility by performing an Internet search for "file splitter. On the computer requiring the update, use Windows Explorer to find the update file wherever you have copied it—across the network, on a USB drive, on CD, or in a folder where it has been reconstructed by the file splitter utility. Double click on the update file to execute it. When you execute the file by double-clicking, you may or may not have to click on a RUN button before you can click on the SETUP button to start the installation process.

NOTE: No part of this process should take more than five minutes. If there is a stall exceeding five minutes, see " Manual update with update file " in the section "Detailed Instructions and Procedures. Keywords: download, update, setup Q: Install - Workstation setup in a network environment.

Remove and Uninstall Coupons CouponBar and Coupon Printer Plugin

The network version of a CFS program allows the databasefor the program to reside on a shared resource such as a network drive. The database may be accessed from multipleworkstations at the same time. The programitself may be installed on a network drive. Or it may be installed on the localdrive with the data path pointing to a network location. The installation described here allows execution of theprogram from the network drive, using the executable which is either on aserver or on a different workstation. To perform a workstation setup, you must know the driveletter to use to access the program.

Ifthe drive letter is not yet mapped, then please see the article "How tomap a network drive. Step 2: Find the program folder: The program folder namewill be in the format XX20yy, where XX is derived from the program name and20yy is the year of the software.

Double-click on Computer or My Computer. Double click on the network drive. If youfind that folder, double click on it. Thendouble-click on the program folder. Double-click on the programfolder. Step 4: Find and execute the installer. That is the one with extension. Open theprogram, selecting the user name appropriate for this workstation or adding andselecting such a user name. You shouldfind the database has already been populated.

In other words, if you haveclients in this program you should see them in the client list. This installation problem usually occurs when the project is to migrate the CFS products from one computer to another. The next step is to install all the programs of interest, and the data should then become visible. The problem here is that the installation software on the CD has erroneously found indication that the program is already installed, and it has called the update routine on the CD for that program.

The update routine is indicating that InstallShield has no indication that the program has been installed. So it does not know where to apply an update. The solution is to navigate on the CD to the appropriate folder for the failing program. Open the DISK1 folder under it.

Follow the usual prompts to complete the installation. Note that after installation from the CD there is frequently an update to download and install. Instead of installing the program s from the CD it might be worth while to do the installations from fresh downloads from Taxtools. OCX is not correctly registered. Normally,this error requires assistance from a computer technician to accomplish therepair. OCX to develop an error code. An example might be 0x Generally, this problem indicates that the original "owner" orprimary user of the computer may have installed some software, and the registryentries have a restrictive permission setting.

If you can log on to thecomputer with that user name, you might be able to install the software. If this isnot successful, assistance is needed, as indicated above, from a computertechnician. Find the Accessories group. Locate "Command Prompt". Into the DOSbox type the command. OCX is actually missing from the computer. If the response is "failed -" with some kind of error code, then that code is the key to therecovery.

Google can lead the way. But a computer technician isprobably needed to follow the path. When this error message is encountered, it is necessary tolook further to find the other error number in parentheses. See below for instructions. The whole installer file didnot get transferred.

On some computers, theInternet is not available in safe mode. To get into safe mode, do thefollowing:. Shut down the computer to power off. Find the F8 key on the keyboard. Turn on the computer. Start tapping the F8 keyas soon as you turn on the computer. After some delay, you will arrive at the login screen. Windows then wants to know whether you want to run in Safe Mode— tell it yes. Youmay proceed with the installation or update which failed. If the failure was inautomatic update, then you do not need to go back to the internet.

For example, if the failure was in automatic update of CaliforniaSales Tax Preparer program, in Safe Mode bring up Windows Explorer and executethe program. The "Move Data Process Error" message means thatan error has occurred during the process of moving data from installationstorage to the program folder. There is a number included which indicates thenature of the problem. Some of the errors are listed here for the installer for theprograms before This error may also mean that youhave downloaded the update from taxtools.

Try the update from adifferent workstation. This error may also be a security issue. It must delete the old version. If, however, the program is in use because someone is currently using the program, then it cannot be modified.


If this is a network environment, then maybe some other workstation has the program open. If you downloaded the update from within the program by saying "Download now" when offered an automatic update, or by selecting Internet Options - Update from the web then the update program will have been saved in the UPDATE folder under the program folder. If you used the "Download Updates" section at Taxtools. It is preferred to use the SAVE option, and be sure you know where the installer is being saved.

In the "Save As" dialogue box make a note of the contents of the "Save In" box - or use that box to specify where you want to store the file. If you went to the Download Updates section at Taxtools. You should not have changed the file name. If you did not write down the file name, you can guess at it. File name example: STu. So with this template you can determine the likely file name for the updater for any of the programs. Keywords: setup, lock, locked, update, download, file name Q: Why does downloaded CFS installer execute other vendor's installer?

This problem only applies to programs earlier than When you double-click and run the installer you just downloaded from CFS the first operation it performs is to expand the compressed file, creating a folder with a group of files in the TEMP folder. EXE, to continue the process. EXE file in the folder receiving the download. The solution is to create a new folder, and then move the downloaded CFS installer into that folder. You can right click in the folder you are in or on the desktop and then select NEW and Folder. You might give this new folder the name CFS.

It really makes no difference. Right click on the CFS installer, left click on cut. Right click on the new folder, left click on paste. Keywords: update, download, unzip, setup, wrong program Q: Why does the installer tell me the license code is invalid? If you intend to install that program in demo mode, then just follow the instructions presented. If these tests all pass, then the next thing to do is to erase the firm name from the Firm Information form and re-type it.

If that also fails, then use the license code DEMO to install the program. Then, in the program go to the File menu and select "Firm Information" to try again to resolve the problem with the steps above. In that folder is a folder called DISK1. Double-click on this file to start the install. It copies files onto the computer, and it modifies controls to activate them. The usual cause for the "reboot" message is that one or more files which are to be replaced are in use. When SETUP encounters this condition, it sets up controls so that the next time the computer is restarted those files will be replaced and the appropriate control information will be modified.

Then it issues this message indicating that the computer should be restarted before using the program which has just been installed. When you see the message asking whether you want to reboot now or later, it means that you must restart the computer before using the program s you have just installed. You don't need to reboot until you wish to use the program s. If the installer dislays a "Launch" check box, rebooting is not required. Keywords: Q: Workstation setup in a network environment. The network version of a CFS program allows the database for the program to reside on a shared resource such as a network drive.

The database may therefore be accessed from multiple workstations at the same time. In addition, the program itself may be installed on a network drive, or on the local drive with the data path pointing to a network location. The installation described here allows execution of the program from the network drive, using the executable which is either on a server or on a different workstation. To accomplish this installation, you must know the drive letter to use to access the program. If the drive letter is not yet mapped, then please see the article " How to map a network drive.

Step 0: Preparation for the installation means doing as installations instructions say - close all other programs which can be closed, and disable any anti-virus software you have installed. Windows 98 and Windows ME do not have this requirement. Permission to install software on these operating systems is granted to any user. Note also that this applies only to programs before as the installer for and later does not operate under Windows 98 or Windows ME. Step 2: Bring up Windows Explorer.

Double-click on My Computer. Step 3: Navigate to the network drive. Step 4: Navigate to the program folder. If you find that folder, double click on it. If you don't find that folder, then you may be in the shared folder, and all you need to do is find the program folder. The program folder name will be in the format XX20nn, where XX is derived from the program name and 20nn is the year of the software.

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