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I tested the game both on PlayStation 4 and iPad mini with Retina Display, and it definitely seems like the same thing on both, with a few caveats. On iPad, you have to download new content like additional Skylander characters and some worlds and environments, while on the console everything is instantly available.

  • Skylanders: Trap Team.
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This can be either mildly or very annoying, depending on your connection speed, but even with my fast home Wi-Fi some things took longer than others. Vicarious Visions co-founder Karthik Bala explained in an interview that designing an experience that required nothing else, and that could be easily packed up, moved and used anywhere was a key part of their vision for Trap Team for tablets.

Skylanders: Trap Team - Starter Pack (PS4)

With an iPad mini with Retina display, I could use the entire Trap Team setup on my desk next to my workstation with little to no interference on my main screen, and aside from some aesthetic differences I noticed fewer background assets, mostly , the tablet experience was the same as the one on the PS4. Skylanders actually beats some of its rivals with more experience in animated storytelling, like Disney, when it comes to the cutscenes and overall game progression, and the humor and likability of its characters.

This sounds messy and confusing but actually works very well. It changes the game more than expected as players can switch between Skylander and villain at the press of a button to suit the current challenge. A speaker in the new portal is used to voice the villains in the trap who interject at various moments in the game with encouragement or criticism. With 40 or so trappable villains the sheer volume of voice work and design on display here is impressive, and suggests at least that Activision has a commitment not to scrimp on development costs.

Trap Masters are also required to enter Element zones this year, which further incentivises players to buy at least one in each element.

Skylanders Trap Team Game Disc & Portal (preowned) - EB Games New Zealand

Previously, these zones were accessible by any character old or new. Good will is stretched to breaking point by the inclusion of, as yet, unconfirmed new Element zones in the game that appear as question marks.

While this is essentially no different to locking away the other zones for certain Trap Masters, it is a more obvious ploy to get children to buy additional toys to unlock content already on the disc. Along with the usual bunch of returning and new characters this year are a set of miniature figures. These Minis are about half the size of the normal toys and work as fully upgradable characters in the game — each with endearing names to match their stature. As for the game itself, the main campaign is well delivered and offers a suitable venue to enjoy Skylanders old and new.

New Elements. New Levels.

It sticks to the now familiar action-platforming experience of the previous games, but lacks both the split-screen and online play offered by Disney Infinity. Still, it outstrips competitors by some way in terms of compatibility. Players can use any of their existing collection of characters in the new game, giving new life and extending value to purchases made many years ago.

Skylanders Trap Team (pictures)

On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, characters look fresh, intricately detailed and delightful. At least parents are spared from having to buy a new console. Also, the Wii version of Trap Team comes with a downloadable Wii U version providing a free upgrade path when families are ready. It does however bring back the tile based sub-game Skystones as Skystones Smash — which adds a mathematical twist to one of the most popular aspects of Skylanders Giants.

Battle and Capture Sequence of Kaos in Skylanders: Trap Team

With all this additional in-game content, the most ambitious aspect of Trap Team is easily missed: the tablet version.

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