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Create Crazy Gospel Chords is an extension of our private lessons, and it really shows me the importance of being detail oriented when it comes to playing advanced gospel chords. Elijah Beech. Wow, I can't wait to play it at church! Thanks so much for Gospel U , I plan on reviewing this material for a long time to come.

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Frank Sawyer. Ernesto Mitchell. But I think your course is really good because it brings it all together for anyone regardless of experience. So, great approach and thanks so much for teaching us!

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Wendy Macbain. I personally have viewed his Create Crazy Gospel Chords course and was impressed by the simple, easy-to-understand manner in which he explains advanced gospel music concepts!

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  • But Vaughn's course does a great job at breaking everything down step-by-step, so anyone from beginner to advanced level can learn! Artists were previously only able to reach registered Jango listeners. We are now allowing Radio Airplay artists to target guest listeners.

    Increase your target listener base and plays per day! Your music will still reach these guest listeners based upon the Artist Targets you have selected for your campaign. So you are still reaching listeners that want to hear your style of music.


    Beginners, do not touch this course. You'll learn, step-by-step, how to pick out the melodies of famous Christmas songs, how to choose the right chords to accompany these melodies, and how to spice up your chords and progressions to create full-sounding arrangements of your favorite holiday songs!

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    This 2-hour DVD program is specifically designed for any church musician who's ready to take their organ playing to the next level by playing those toe-tapping, foot-stomping praise songs! Similar to the five parts taught in GospelKeys but on the organ, which is a totally different beast , we show you a system that'll enable you to play tons of praise songs by ear.

    If you want to know what it takes to get down on the organ, then this course is for you! Step-by-step, you'll explore: Extended chord voicings, polychords, inversions, two-hand combinations, worship movements, contemporary chords for every tone of the scale, passing tones, transitional chords, "couples," real-life examples, modernized hymns, and more! By the end of this course, you'll have a fresh perspective on playing worship organ by ear forever… and you'll be playing real songs!

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    • Hear and Play Jazz will show you how to start playing jazz the right way. From the basic "bar blues" pattern to various soloing techniques and strategies, you'll be up and playing in no time! Not knowing how to improvise and being stuck in a box playing the same old chords feels bad.

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      It's boring. It feels redundant. And you're not the only one who notices it — others know that you're playing the same, dull stuff over and over too. With Hear and Play Jazz , no longer do you have to guess. We're finally revealing a step-by-step method to soloing, improvising, and playing jazz licks over any chords. It's a whopping 5 hours and loaded with tons of signature moves, licks, tricks, progressions, and real-life application. This is truly what thousands of would-be jazz musicians have been waiting for!

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      In this 3-hour master class series, the legendary Michael Bereal, who has played for just about everyone in the gospel industry Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, Kim Burrell, Judith McAllister, Marvin Sapp, etc , will show you how to spice up various parts of your church service by applying his closely-guarded chords, progressions, "runs," and tricks. By the end of the course, you'll have new and exciting chords and movements to play during worship, praise, shouting, and even "talking" moments of the service. If you've always wondered how the professionals voice their chords and movements, then you can't afford to miss this master class series!

      This 4. Most importantly, you get exposed to the other side of church musicianship and what your role as a musician or minister of music should be. Not only will he keep you at the edge of your seat, but he'll keep you interested and smiling throughout the entire course.

      You'll enjoy his occasional singing with the songs he teaches and his "church talk" in between. If you've always looked up to musicians like Jason White and never imagined being able to learn from someone of this caliber, now's your chance! PITCH is a revolutionary system that has been carefully designed with advanced intelligence that knows exactly what questions to ask you based on which exercises you get right and wrong.

      A learning tool that drills you on notes, scales, chords, intervals, and even allows you to sing and mimic what you hear using the microphone on your computer or a usb headset mic. In fact, you'll be able to connect a small midi keyboard and answer the questions interactively. Step-by-step, you'll explore your role as a drummer, how to hold drumsticks, how to quickly develop independence between your hands and feet, coordination, posture, how to play "straight-ahead" beats, pocket-playing, common rhythms, and how to do basic fills. This course is a wonderful introduction for anyone looking to play drums from scratch.

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